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Order deadline: November 7, 2021

Expected production time: 3-5 weeks. Delivery pre-Christmas.

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Where do the proceeds of the store go?

All proceeds from this store are collected by Kenora Thistles and support player development and programming.

What is the return policy?

All products are made to order; as such, all sales are final. If a delivered product has a production error or malfunction, a refund will be provided.

What if my clothing apparel does not fit? Will it shrink?

All apparel products are made to order; as such, if a garment does not fit, it is not returnable. If you have a specific sizing request prior to purchase, please contact us for assistance.

All garments contain optimal washing instructions. For best results on all clothing, wash in cold water and hang dry.

If I buy a product as a gift, can I exchange it?

In most cases, no. Please enquire which items may have extra stock for potential exchange.

What can I personalize?

The Game Day Player Bundle is customizable with the player number on the shirt, shorts and player name and number on the skate mat.

Adult and youth hoodies can be personalized. Special requests can be made by contacting us prior to purchase.

Can I buy a gift card?

No, at this point in time.

Can I pay with cash?

No, all purchases require credit card at time of purchase or just prior to delivery.

 Do you ship?

We ship across Canada only for a flat fee of $25.

Will my order be here before Christmas?

All orders submitted prior to November 7 will be delivered prior to the Christmas break.

Who is behind the Thistles store?

This online store is an initiative of the AA/AAA Kenora Thistles Council in effort to raise money for player programming. Orders are fulfilled by Wake Marketing.

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